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Code of Practice

The aim of the company is to provide high quality education project management, consultancy and training by establishing high standards of performance and conduct by its employees and consultants, and promote the knowledge and skills required for that purpose.

Staff will:

  • Give balanced advice based on objective evidence;
  • Maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct including strict adherence to the company’s policy on client confidentiality;
  • Be willing to enhance the quality of their work through regular and appropriate professional development activity.

All staff will safeguard the position of the client by:

  • Being mindful of the Education London Staff/Contractor agreement;
  • Ensuring that all findings, judgements and recommendations have been discussed with the client in good time before any written report is finalised;
  • Working closely with their line or project manager to draw on company-wide experience and expertise;
  • Complying with the company’s reporting and monitoring requirements as set out in the project assignment brief;
  • Taking responsibility for the quality of any work undertaken;
  • Declaring any company interest in future strategies and actions being considered by clients.

During the course of working for Education London staff will maintain professional integrity by:

  • Making honest learner-focused judgements based on objective evidence;
  • Ensuring that all recommendations support sustainability and good value for money;
  • Ensuring that advice and recommendations are based on impartial consideration of all pertinent facts, circumstances and opinions developed from reliable, relevant sources and within the appropriate framework;
  • Being aware of the range of resources available both within the company  and from other sources and advising clients accordingly;
  • Making clear, particularly to schools, those sources of support which are available to them at no additional cost through public sector provision;
  • Acknowledging the source of any published or other research material used in our work.

Staff will not use knowingly and without permission, copyright material or proprietary data or material, to which the company is not entitled.

Reviewed, July 2012

About Us

Education London works with schools and academies, and as part of wider LA (Consortia in Wales) and DfE (DfES) programmes, to raise standards and improve learner outcomes. Our clients range from highly effective organisations to those requiring intensive support.