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English and Maths

These two subjects lie at the heart of every school’s curriculum – and success in English and maths is of the utmost importance both to your students and to your school.

We offer a range of services in these key subjects and, because success in both English and maths can be life-changing, we frequently deliver support in both subjects in schools, often extending the brief to include advice on whole school literacy and numeracy.

Our teams comprise inspectors, examiners, former headteachers and senior leaders, outstanding teachers and subject leaders – all with a proven ability to help students succeed in English and maths.

We can work with colleagues to develop classroom skills, help with developing schemes of learning, teach whole classes or small intervention groups, moderate assessments – whatever the adviser and the school believe would be of most benefit in raising standards and enabling even more students to make excellent progress .

Departmental Review

We believe that a detailed review of the department, followed by a report, provides an important insight into the way individual departments operate, as well as establishing reasons for the strengths and weaknesses schools will already have identified. We offer one or two day reviews, with the precise focus agreed first with the school.

English and Maths Project

Many schools opt for a package of support. This is often 10 days per subject and divides time between the on-site training and development of teachers and subject leaders, and hands-on work with an identified group of Yr11 students. This is most commonly students whose target grades are C+ but who, without support in either or both of English and maths, are at risk of not achieving these goals. However, the focus could be on the progress and attainment of pupil premium students, or on increasing the number of students achieving A and A* grades.

In both subjects, support will be structured around additional mock exams. In English, our advisers mark the mock examination scripts before delivering individual feedback to students. Advice is then given about key areas of focus for lessons in forthcoming weeks.

In maths, advisers may mark papers or moderate marking. They can also provide assistance with pupil tracking and question level analyses of mock exams. They will then advise on the focus of lessons for the weeks preceding the next mock exam or final GCSE exam. The programme can be adapted to suit the particular needs of individual schools.

Additional student-level support can be provided to complement a school’s established intervention programme, for example taking part in off-site immersion days before the GCSE exams, summer schools or week-end catch-up sessions.


Core Subjects

We provide a range of services to support teaching and learning in core subjects including: