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Computing & IT Services Support

Our Computing & IT services can help you to ensure that the development of Computing and the IT infrastructure in your school is firmly focused on your current and future priorities and in turn address school improvement.

Schools we work with have greatly valued the following:

  • Subject leader support and coaching
  • In-class teaching and learning coaching
  • Intensive support for groups of students working towards GCSE Computing/Computer Science
  • Advice on implementing A Level Computing and coursework planning (programming)
  • Advice on implementing Computing into the primary curriculum
  • Development and action planning  
  • Network health checks and recommendations (FITS guidance)

EL Menu of Computing & IT Services 

Leadership and Management

  • Development and action planning
    Working jointly with key members of staff to produce a development plan and/or action plan linked to your SEF
  • Effective Use of MIS data for teaching and learning and leadership and management
    How to get the information you need to the people who need it from the data that you collect and store. This would include a review and evaluation of the way your school uses data, recommendations for improvement and practical advice on how to achieve them
  • CPD audit and needs analysis
    Work with senior staff to identify and  reflect on your key priorities, building up a profile of your staff competencies leading to in-house collaborative support and external training plans 
  • Longer term planning 
    Includes economic and environmental sustainability; total cost of ownership and financial planning; governor involvement; hardware and software purchasing policies. 

Computing curriculum 

  • Subject leader support and coaching
  • In-class teaching and learning coaching; pedagogical delivery of Computing
  • Intensive support for groups of GCSE Computing/Computer Science students; revision and programming support (e.g. Python)
  • Support with planning and preparation of the controlled assessment  
  • Implementing Computing into the primary curriculum
  • Assessing Computing (KS1 – KS3)

IT Infrastructure

  • Technical services (with our infrastructure and systems specialists)
  • Network health check
    A detailed assessment of your IT network configuration, cabling, software deployment, network management and e-safety etc and a full report making recommendations so that your IT system is fit for both management and curriculum purposes.
  • Provision of a full or partial managed service
    A cost effective service tailored to meet all your IT needs from laying cables through to full network management with educational adviser.

We can also provide a mini Computing/IT review to include:

  • Infrastructure overview and outline report
  • Evaluation of policies and plans
  • Snapshot of Computing/Computer Science delivery (KS1 to KS5)

Core Subjects

We provide a range of services to support teaching and learning in core subjects including: