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Maximising attainment and improving learning in Science

Science is probably the largest department, with the biggest budget, taking up more curriculum time than any other subject in your school. Success in double science can significantly lift school results. Are you maximising potential in science?

At EL, we can provide a range of services to support your science department from preparing for OFSTED to providing targeted student intervention. Our menu includes:

Science department health check

  • Is GCSE Double Science limiting factor in your EBacc performance rating?
  • Will your Yr9 GCSE Science students be ready for the 100% terminal exams when they reach Yr11?

We are currently offering a one day science health check to assess:

  1. GCSE Controlled Assessments. Are students scoring in line with their target grade?
  2. Current Yr11 projections. How is your tracking and what can be done to raise attainment?
  3. Triple science. Are they getting a good deal and the best grades?
  4. Management of your BTEC science. Effective delivery and evidence of good housekeeping.
  5. Teaching for long term memory. Does teaching focus on vital information and help structure understanding?
  6. Good to outstanding teaching. How is the science department pushing through change?

The health check will be exam board specific and followed up with a written diagnostic report.

Education London has a proven track record of raising attainment in GCSE Science, working across all exam boards.  To discuss your needs and arrange a visit, contact us.

Subject Leader Support (Standards & Quality Assurance):

  • Department Audit: Assessing strengths and weaknesses and helping to  prepare your SEF and department development plan, carried out in association with managers as part of their CPD.
  • Monitoring: Carrying out an objective work scrutiny and analysis of data to judge class and teacher performance; and reviewing your department procedure, policy and practice, again performed alongside members of the department in order to establish a legacy for the future.
  • Preparing for OFSTED: Advising about readiness for inspection, carried out by consultants who are OFSTED inspectors.


  • BTEC: We can help map the new BTEC units and introduce strategies to ensure staff follow programme of delivery with students submitting assignments on time. We can support with assignment writing, assessment verification and quality assurance.
  • Triple Science: We can help with unit 3s, ensuring lesson content is challenging raising aspirations for your gifted and talented students who want those top grades
  • KS3: We can help to ensure your condensed KS3 is the best foundation for GCSE. Do the levels from your classroom APP match those summative assessments? Is your data secure?


  • Targeted Revision: We can provide targeted revision sessions for selected students for module exams, focussing on C/D borders or G&T A /A* students. Using exam board analysis tools (ERA / ResultsPlus / ActiveResults) and bespoke question level analysis, we can help to ensure revision sessions are SMART and can support students in the school week, weekends, school holidays, on or off-site.
  • Controlled Assessments: We can help with the centre assessed units, which still make up 25% of the GCSE science grade and should be a priority for the department.

Assessment for Learning

  • We will work with colleaguesto help them make the best use of the data you collect by addressing the following questions:
  • Does the data enable teachers and managers to review and evaluate the learning taking place? Is the data used by your students to bridge the learning goal gap? Do they know what they don’t know?
  • Is the department tracking system being used effectively? How does attainment compare with targets? Are any pupils making slower progress in one area of the curriculum? Is there a reduction in pace or expectation at specific stages, classes or groups of pupils? Are the needs of pupils who make better than expected progress being met?
  • How secure are your assessments and teacher judgements? Do they give a clear picture of learner understanding and a good indication of future exam performance? We can undertake external moderation to give staff confidence in their assessments and target setting.

Teaching and Learning

  • Lesson Observation and Coaching programme: This popular course, which follows the new OFSTED guidelines, leads to improved teaching and learning and promotes achievement through the involvement of managers in the process of judging the quality of learning in lessons, identifying both strengths and areas for further development.
  • Teacher support: We can provide support for NQTs, OTTs and supply teachers, covering such issues as: H&S guidelines; curriculum updates; new assessment requirements; support in lessons, with a cooperative approach to lesson planning, delivery and evaluation to secure good standards of learning by all groups of students as part of their CPD.

Core Subjects

We provide a range of services to support teaching and learning in core subjects including: