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Headteacher and Senior Leader Recruitment

Our service is offered to and used by LAs, diocesan authorities and individual governing bodies or Free School proposers. We work with the governing body (and relevant authorities if appropriate) at every stage of the process:

  • Deciding on remuneration package
  • Agreeing person specification
  • Drafting and planning advertisement
  • Writing the school’s pack for potential applicants
  • Administration of applications and shortlisting process
  • Communications with candidates
  • Designing selection activities with assessment criteria, and briefing governors about the selection process
  • Advising Chair of Governors about requirements and protocols throughout the process
  • Completing admissions process as commissioned.

In some cases the school and LA or diocese will commission Education London for a particular part of the above process, most commonly to design selection activities or to provide an independent adviser with successful headship or appointment experience.