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Interim Personnel for schools, Academies and Local Authorities

Schools and Academies

We provide step-in headteachers and principals direct to governing bodies/academy sponsors/Trusts – often in partnership with diocesan and local authorities. Our step-in heads are experienced headteachers. In addition we provide step-in associate headteachers to work on a part time basis. A number of our school improvement consultants undertake periods of step-in headship.

Similarly our step-in deputy headteachers or associate deputies are experienced deputies or in some cases headteachers. These colleagues often combine step-in roles with particular subject or aspect expertise and are usually provided for newly appointed or relatively newly appointed headteachers who, after initial review, perceive the need to accelerate the pace of change in their new school with temporary additional management capacity.

Consultant/step-in subject leader(s) are provided for short periods in the absence of a permanent appointment to develop and improve a subject area at speed, by training and coaching members of the department and establishing appropriate curriculum models, schemes of work, classroom practice, learning styles, assessment and self evaluation.

Local Authorities and Sponsors

Step-in personnel and project managers are available to local authorities, academy sponsors and Trusts in the following areas:

  • Senior management and head of service
  • School and academy improvement
  • 14-19 coordination
  • Transition posts e.g. school and area reorganisations
  • Special Educational Needs.