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Our People

Our people are working to improve education and outcomes

By managing the growth of our company, we maintain our reputation for quality and working effectively in partnerships. We are happy to put prospective clients in touch with current clients.

The Education London Code of Practice is followed by all our staff and advisers. This ensures that all assignments and contracts are delivered according to the highest professional, quality-assured standards.

Our people include

  • School Improvement Advisers – with experience as effective advisers and trainers and all with recent experience as heads or principals, inspectors, or Local Authority or DfE officers
  • Senior Subject Advisers – for all subjects including all those in the 11-19 curriculum, drawn from subject specialist inspectors, advisers, assessors and examiners
  • Subject Expert Practitioners – practising teachers (or those with very recent school experience) typically successful subject leaders and lead practioners
  • Project Managers – with experience of developing new schools and colleges, and multi-agency projects
  • Curriculum Modelling Advisers – curriculum specialists who help senior staff to review and develop the secondary school curriculum in light of the many pressures for change e.g revised National Curriculum, EBACC, Progress 8
  • Interim Senior and Middle Leaders– including step-in heads, deputies, LA officers and associate subject leaders
  • Subject Specialist Trainers for students
  • Recruitment and Selection Advisers – are available to governing bodies, LAs, sponsors and church authorities


About Us

Education London works with schools and academies, and as part of wider LA (Consortia in Wales) and DfE (DfES) programmes, to raise standards and improve learner outcomes. Our clients range from highly effective organisations to those requiring intensive support.