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Specialist Primary Services

In addition to our school improvement services for all phases we also provide a range of other services specific to primary schools and academies including:

  • Self Evaluation
    One or more days of intensive support from a primary inspector focusing on the SEF in order to determine essential information to be included and ensure that the impact on the learner is clearly identified.
  • HR Support
    Specialist educational HR training and advice on general and specific personnel issues ranging from recruitment to restructuring.
  • Performance Management
    Training is tailored to individual schools' needs, focusing on the role of performance management/pay in enhancing teaching for learning and improving pupil outcomes. The modules available include:
    • leadership and/or whole staff training on the place and purpose of PM/pay
    • creating an effective in-house PM system
    • measuring the effectiveness of PM/pay as a tool for improving learning
  • Effective APP
    Initially a primary assessment expert will spend half a day on site focusing on determining the level of support needed in using APP? as both a formative and summative tool for measuring learning. As part of this visit, a school specific programme would be developed and then later delivered through whole staff training. As a result an APP system would be set up to impact directly on learning across year groups and subjects. Work with leadership could also take place, if required, on developing longer term systems to monitor impact.

Additionally we can support with the review and development of ICT infrastructure and strategy as well as building and new school project management.


We provide a range of services to primary schools and academies including:

  • Support with Self Evaluation
  • HR Support
  • Performance Management
  • Effective APP

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