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Target getting and effective intervention, assessment for learning


Working with senior staff to develop whole school mechanisms which shift the focus to target getting

  • Advice on scheduling of KS2 and KS4 to ensure the school's cycle of target setting, planning, action, testing, assessment and intervention (including target group support) best supports high performance
  • Lesson planning and scheme of work formats which overtly use levels and grade descriptors
  • Improving information to students and parents ('reporting') about what they need to do next, in each subject to stay on track
  • Improving academic review days and mentoring to better impact on academic performance. How to support parents of under-achieving students in any Key Stage (including external EL support for this in Year 11)
  • Setting and grouping to maximise students-on-target
  • How performance management can support this process

Subject and student level

  • EL subject specialists work with subject departments in KS3 and KS4 externally marking and assessing student performance in key tests and mocks (most commonly in maths, English and science) leading to:
    • an external check for the teacher on the accuracy of their assessment
    • a report and recommendations to the department for teaching and revision focus by skill and topic
    • when commissioned – written feedback to individual students and (parents) and tutorials with EL consultant for students in a target group
  • Subject target group work scrutiny by EL specialist (work books, test results) to identify strong and weak learning areas in relation to exam requirements
  • Behaviour Coaching