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Improving teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond

The Offer

1. Subject specific training and support.
2. Classroom teaching and learning coaching model.
This staff effectiveness programme has been designed to:

  • Raise overall levels of teaching and learning in classrooms across the whole school
  • Develop a focus on learning and reaching judgements based on student learning outcomes
  • Develop a skilled classroom coaching team from among existing good and outstanding teachers, who will lead continual transformation and sustained improvement beyond the externally facilitated stages of the model

The Teaching and Learning coaching model is scheduled as follows:

Stage 1: Coaching group selected by SLT
EL selects three colleagues (OFSTED trained inspectors) to partner coaching group
EL provides introductory materials for all staff about the programme; features of satisfactory and good teaching; 'top tips' for improving
Stage 2: EL observes coaching group teaching and feedback
Stage 3: EL pairs with member of coaching group to observe classrooms and compare judgements
EL work with coaching group to develop feedback skills and observe their feedback to teachers
Each teacher observed given ways of improving teaching
Stage 4: All 'inadequate' and just 'satisfactory' teaching re-visited after 2/3 weeks to observe implementation of advice
Stage 5: Remaining individual and subject teaching concerns identified for subject specific or generic coaching
Stage 6:  Cyclical coaching pattern established for whole programme

This programme is likely to equate to thirty days of consultant time – however, bigger or smaller versions of the coaching programme above can be negotiated with individual schools.